It was a very deliberate choice for me to learn to work in stone. The materials I use are very important to me both for their cultural significance and their inherent physical qualities.

Born in Finchley, London and now living and working in Bedford. I was first introduced to stone as a sculptural medium on my foundation course where I discovered an ability and empathy for the material. I then concentrated solely on stone by pursuing my studies at C&GLAS, before setting up my own studio practice.

There is an honesty and integrity to working in stone; stone is seen as uncompromising and unyielding, you cannot disguise its natural features. However much you work or push a piece of stone the majority of its beauty lies in its intrinsic qualities; the flaws, the textures and colour gradations. My work often focuses on themes of industrialisation and resource consumption. I enjoy using a natural material as a contradiction to the processed world and materials we are often surrounded by, taking something organic and imposing on it the rigidity, constraints and geometry of our mechanized world.